Angelus Novus Euphorbia Milii 2012

Bay of Naples 2012

Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi 2010

Man and His Horses 2010

Pigeons 2011

Girl with a Metal Earring 2012

Scenes from a Marriage 2012

Polo in the Afternoon 2017

Your Faint Shadow Lost Its  Contours Back in 2008 (2011)

On Friday Morning You Will Pack a Small Suitcase 2013

Family Portrait IIII 2015

Family Soccer for a Family Man 2012

Daddy's Hands 2011

Venus Verticordia Suburbia 2013

Transcendentally Homeless in a  Lit City 2011

Förortsmadonna / Suburban Madonna 2010

Stillness Stands On the  Face of The Earth 2012