Fake Lashes in a Red Cabin 2009

Roe Deer On the Dinner Table 2009

Coffee in the name of Danaë 2009

Woman before an Eclipse with Her  Hair Disheveled by the Wind 2009

Knitting Goldrain, Forgot  the Oven I 2009

Tooth Brushes in the Morning Dew 2009

Doormroom Posters Miss Their Horses 2009

Sweet Cherries for Rastignac 2009

Braiding My Hair With Yours 2007

Bad News 2008

Before the Morning Comes 2008

Exerpt From the Life of St. Francis Assisi 2008

Call Me Gently  2008

Watching A Masterpiece Under Inadequate Conditions 2010

Eau de Vie in the Autumn 2010